Filmfestival Münster 2019 - Focus on Europe

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"Europe Is Lost" the British musician and author Kate Tempest declaimed several years ago. In 2019 Europe stands at a crossroads, big differences seem to question the community of states and the Brexit could change the face of the European Union forever. Against this backdrop, the Filmfestival Münster is positioning itself for a united, yet diverse Europe, opening its central competitions and main components of the supporting programme in its 18th festival edition for productions from all over Europe for the first time.

The feature film competition, which has been part of the Filmfestival Münster since 2005 and has been advertised throughout Europe from the outset, is reserved exclusively for debut films by European filmmakers and presents new, original voices of European film art. The previously German-language short film competition, which constituted the Filmfestival Münster when it was founded as "Filmzwerge" in 1981, was expanded this year for the first time to include productions from all over Europe. The genre film series "Nightwatch" will also have a European focus, as artistically demanding films of the genres thriller, fantasy and horror are currently experiencing a heyday, especially in the European cultural area.


The "Focus NL", which gives an insight into the filmmaking of the neighbours from the Netherlands, has been making the Filmfestival Münster unmistakable in the German festival scene since 1999. This year the focus is on the work of director of photography Robby Müller and actor Rutger Hauer. Both were guests of the Filmfestival Münster and died recently. Local filmmakers compete in the "Westfalen Connection". In this context, two short films by children and young people from Münster will also be shown, who used the summer holidays for a "Kulturrucksack"-workshop at the Filmwerkstatt Münster. Finally, in the new programme section "Let's Talk Movies" documentary films and discussion rounds are dedicated to different aspects of cinema and film history and finally pursue the question: How can the cultural location of cinema assert itself in the future in view of the massive upheaval in the media landscape?

In this respect, the Filmfestival Münster focuses on the passion to watch and discuss films together, to engage in new visual experiences and to discover new worlds.