Short but Good - 32 Films for the Short Film Competition

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Never have more films been submitted to the short film competition of the Filmfestival Münster than this year. The five-person screening committee has watched more than 640 short films – compared to only 500 in the past years. Now the committee has selected 32 films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From October 4th to 8th these films are screened in six different blocks of programming at the Filmfestival Münster inside the Schloßtheater Münster. Besides the jury, also the audience will select their favourite. The Münstersche Filmtheater-Betriebe donate the audience award which includes prize money of 1,000 euros.

“The competition entries have never been more diverse”, says Risna Olthuis who runs the film festival together with Carsten Happe. “In addition to the classical short feature films, many filmmakers venture on innovative ways and choose exciting, new perspectives to tell their stories.” Thus, the audience will get to see the very first action musical and the most defective computer animation, the weirdest interpretation of “Carmina Burana” as well as the most elaborate animatic handicraft that has ever been produced for a two-minute film.

Also, numerous award winners from other festivals will be screened for the first time in Münster. The bizarre romantic comedy “Nicole’s Cage” by Josef Brandl, who has just won the Shocking Shorts Award, is part of the short film competition. The animated film “Ayny – My Second Eye” by Ahmad Saleh, graduate of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, has already won the Student Academy Award.

"Nicole's Cage" by Josef Brandl (c) Skalarfilm

For more than 35 years the short film competition has been at the heart of the festival which has been hosted since 1981 by the Filmwerkstatt Münster. Due to its unconventional selection, many promising talents have been discovered, who won one of their first prizes at the Filmfestival Münster and later built their career with many more awards. Thus, at the last festival two years ago Patrick Vollrath’s with his film “Everything will be okay” was among the winners. Shortly after, the film was nominated for the Short Film Oscar.

The competition entries in alphabetical order:

Afterword (D 2017) by Boris Seewald
Ayny - My Second Eye (D 2016) by Ahmad Saleh
Beer & Calippo (A 2017) by Paul Ploberger
Blind Audition (D 2017) by Andreas Kessler
Connect (D 2016) by Hi-Jeong So
The Boy in the Ocean (D 2016) by Friedrich Tiedtke
The Wedding (A 2016) by Sebastian Mayr
Digital Immigrants (CH 2016) by Dennis Stauffer & Norbert Kottmann
Disco (D 2016) by Boris Seewald
The Pine Tree Villa (D 2016) by Jan Koester
Emily Must Wait (D 2016) by Christian Wittmoser
Final Stage (D 2017) by Nicolaas Schmidt
Flying (D 2016) by Marcus Hanisch
Hard Way - The Action Musical (D 2017) by Daniel Vogelmann
Hyphe Myzel Hype (CH 2017) by Franziska Schläpfer
Jamais-vu (D 2016) by Werner Biedermann
Jenny (D 2016) by Lea Becker
Broken (D 2016) by Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl
The Cricket and the Ant (D 2016) by Julia Ritschel
Metube 2 - August sings Carmina Burana (A 2016) by Daniel Moshel
Nicole's Cage (D 2017) by Josef Brandl
Apples & Oranges (D 2017) by Duc Ngo Ngoc
Ocean Hill Drive (D 2016) by Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann
Petrichor (A 2016) by Nicola by Leffern & Martyna Trepczyk
Queen of the Castle (D 2016) by Felix Klee
Reflecting Black (D 2016) by Jan Utecht
Ruah (CH 2016) by Flurin Giger
The Demon, The Flow and Me (D 2016) by Rocco Di Mento
The Glasshouse (CH 2017) by Gianna Arni
Ugly (D 2017) by Nikita Diakur
Urban Audio Spectrum (D 2016) by Marina Schnider
Central Museum (D 2016) by Jochen Kuhn