In three competitions, short and long films face the judgement of an expert jury as well as of the audience:

Feature Film Competition (Europe)

Eight fictional feature films from European productions are invited. The competition is advertised all over Europe and carefully curated. The selection includes films which provide the European cinema with new stimuli and captivate their audience with extraordinary narrative style or visual language. Special attention is directed to young filmmakers who present their first or second feature produced for the cinema in Münster. An international jury rewards the best directing.

Short Film Competition (Germany / Austria / Switzerland)

This competition has been an integral part of the festival for more than 35 years. By means of its unconventional selection, promising talents have been discovered time and again, who were awarded one of their first prizes in Münster and later built their career with many more awards. All genres, subjects, and forms of expression are welcome – thus, the competition draws a vivid picture of the contemporary short film scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A jury as well as the audience choose their favourites.

Westphalia Connection

In this section, the most recent films from Münster and the surrounding area are presented. Ambitious films from classic narrative cinema to more experimental forms are screened, which either address Münster and Westphalia, have been produced by filmmakers from the region or have been shot here. The audience awards the best contribution.

Accompanying Programme

Alongside the competitions, the accompanying programme focuses on the film scene in the Netherlands. This in Germany unique emphasis on our neighbouring country presents contemporary Dutch productions as well as a retrospective and a Masterclass concerning a significant Dutch filmmaker.

Within the late-night programme, the section Nightwatch presents selected film gems from the genres thriller, horror and fantasy. Outstanding contemporary films are part of the programme as well as reruns of remastered genre-classics.

For children and adolescents between 10 and 14 years of age, film workshops are offered prior to the festival. The young participants are invited to learn about and actively engage in the multiple production stages of a short film. According to the motto “Discover our city!”, both the poetry clip workshop and the documentation workshop encourage the kids to direct, shoot and edit their own films portraying their favourite places in Münster. The poetry clips as well as the short documentations are screened in their own block of programming for the first time at the Filmfestival Münster.

In addition to the poetry workshop, a programme with selected poetry clips, e.g. Curators’ Choice – The Favourites of the Festival Management, documents the close connection to the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin.

Prior to the festival, kick-off events such as short film nights or a film quiz in hip cult locations in Münster and the surrounding area are supposed to arouse the curiosity of students and young folks in particular about the festival and its variety. Short film compilations or a programme with Super-8 obscurities are the ideal combination of both, an entertaining night as well as an appetizer for the festival.